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Friday, March 19, 2010

90 Days for Mums :)

***sticky post***


Listen up & hear me up, people!! ;)

"...To ALL working Moms & Moms-to-be out there, go here --> -- and sign the "90 Days for Mums" petition!! Yes! The campaign will run for 3 months beginning on 08-03-2010 till 06-06-2010. The target is 1 Million signatures. So hurry up & sign it!!! :)"

Yes, we can do this & help each other! ;)

More info, you can refer below.
To sign the petition, click below.
Alright! Spread the words around, ya? :)

Now lets pray together so that our PM approves this! *amen*




P.S. On a similar note, I think EVERYONE can sign the petition as long as they support this! So hurry up, everyone!!! Click click, sign it sign it!! ;)

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