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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My First check up

well...i had my 1st prenatal check up dis hubby couldnt accompany me 4 dis historical moment huhu..i had my first baby scan today..later i will post d pic hehe sbb malas nak scan la opismate teman g check up..tq very much kakjah...xde any probs sgt just my lack of water in my body..have 2 drinks lots of water after diz n tekanan darah rendah sket but still took me like 4hours 2 finish my check up..biasalah klinik kjaan so org ramai.i have 2 bear with that..after that went straight to take my early lunch hehe..menuang keje sket..beside dah kul 12pm n almost lunch time..knp nak bazir d precious time g blk keje kan..yes exactly!!! gi restoran bunga raya n order nasi ayam..kakjah belanja hehe...alhamdulillah rezeki baby...till then..ciao

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